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Axion BioSystems is a global leader manufacturer and provider of microelectrode-based technologies for the life sciences market. Axion solutions for cell analysis allow label-free, non-invasive recordings for long-term monitoring in multiwell plate format. Easy to set-up and use, Axion platforms include software packages delivering real-time and automated data analysis.
Axion Maestro Z is the world’s most advanced impedance-based real-time cell analysis platform. Over minutes or weeks, it allows gaining unprecedented access to the kinetics of cellular changes after exposure to viral pathogens. Straightforward and easy to use, any researcher can now track virus-induced cytopathic effects (CPEs) in a 96-well plate in real time.
Applications include: Virus Titers, Neutralization Assays, Anti-viral Drugs, Viricidal Efficacy, Vaccine Development, Oncolytic Virus Development

Links: https://www.axionbiosystems.com/; Maestro Z

REGENXBIO is a leading clinical-stage biotechnology company seeking to improve lives through the curative potential of gene therapy. REGENXBIO’s NAV Technology Platform, a proprietary adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene delivery platform, consists of exclusive rights to more than 100 novel AAV vectors, including AAV7, AAV8, AAV9 and AAVrh10. REGENXBIO and its third-party NAV Technology Platform Licensees are applying the NAV Technology Platform in the development of a broad pipeline of candidates in multiple therapeutic areas.

Link: www.regenxbio.com

VectorBuilder is a revolutionary online platform aimed at providing researchers with one-stop solutions to all their vector design, custom cloning and virus packaging needs. VectorBuilder also offers many other molecular biology services such as stable cell line generation, library construction, BAC modification (recombineering), mutagenesis, and more. The easy to use web-based platform serves as both a design tool and ordering portal. This allows researchers from around the globe to design and order the construction of their custom vectors and viruses in the matter of minutes. Furthermore, our expansive database of components allows for us to minimize gene synthesis thereby decreasing cost and turnaround time. Remember, vectors are just complex reagents. Let us work on developing these while you focus on theory generation and the more important downstream experiments.

Link: en.vectorbuilder.com/

Bronze sponsors

Vir is a clinical-stage immunology company focused on combining immunologic insights with cutting-edge technologies to treat and prevent serious infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide and the cause of hundreds of billions of dollars of economic burden each year. We believe that now is the time to apply the recent and remarkable advances in immunology to combat infectious diseases. Our approach begins with identifying the limitations of the immune system in combating a particular pathogen, the vulnerabilities of that pathogen and the reasons why previous approaches have failed. We then bring to bear powerful technologies that we believe, individually or in combination, will lead to effective therapies. Our four technologies, Antibody Platform (Humabs BioMed), TCell Platform, Innate Immunity Platform and siRNA Platform (in collaboration with Alnylam) are designed to stimulate and enhance the immune system.

Link: www.vir.bio/

Agilent Technologies is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. Now in its 20th year as an independent company delivering insight and innovation toward improving the quality of life, Agilent instruments, software, services, solutions and people provide trusted answers to customers’ most challenging questions. Agilent offers cell analysis technology solutions that detect discrete changes in cellular bioenergetics in real-time. These measurements provide a window into the critical functions driving cell signaling, proliferation, activation, toxicity and biosynthesis, moving beyond analyzing what the cells are, to reveal a clearer measure of what they do.

Link: www.agilent.com/

Homology Medicines is a genetic medicines company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients suffering from rare genetic diseases with significant unmet medical needs by curing the underlying cause of the disease. Homology’s proprietary platform is designed to utilize its human hematopoietic stem cell-derived adeno-associated virus vectors (AAVHSCs) to precisely and efficiently deliver genetic medicines in vivo either through a gene therapy or nuclease-free gene editing modality across a broad range of genetic disorders. Homology has a management team with a successful track record of discovering, developing and commercializing therapeutics with a particular focus on rare diseases and a robust intellectual property portfolio with issued composition of matter patents in the United States for its suite of 15 AAVHSCs. Homology believes that its compelling preclinical data, scientific expertise, product development strategy, manufacturing capabilities and intellectual property position it as a leader in the development of genetic medicines.

Link: www.homologymedicines.com

Lacerta Therapeutics is a clinical stage gene therapy company using a constellation of proprietary adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector technologies to develop treatments for central nervous system and lysosomal storage diseases. With unmatched scientific expertise and depth in the development, production, and application of AAV vectors, Lacerta Therapeutics is advancing its clinical programs using its proprietary capsid variants and scalable vector manufacturing platform. The experience and accomplishments of the Lacerta Therapeutics founders are unsurpassed in AAV gene therapy. In addition to world-class basic AAV vector development and gene therapy clinical trial expertise, our team brings to bear individuals with novel insight into developing novel, targeted neurological and lysosomal storage disease treatments.
We are actively seeking collaborative partnership and out-licensing opportunities providing potential partners with numerous advantages over current AAV vector platforms. Our AAV expertise and platforms allow us to offer early access to novel capsid variant identification and robust, scalable vector manufacturing. By engaging us at an early stage, Lacerta will ensure that the decisions regarding capsid variant derivation and the creation of critical raw production materials are developed effectively in support of the OneBac platform.

Link: https://www.lacertatx.com/