Viruses Special Issue

Advances in Parvovirus Research 2022

A Special Issue of the Journal ‘Viruses’, “Advances in Parvovirus Research 2022”, is associated to the conference.

The aim of the Special Issue is to provide an opportunity to collect the latest contributions in the field of parvovirus research. Evolution, structural biology, viral replication, virus–host interaction, pathogenesis and immunity, clinical virology of medical and veterinarian relevance, gene therapy, and viral oncotherapy are a selection of the topics accepted in the Special Issue, of special appeal to scientists involved in the field, but also of general interest to a wider audience.

Symposium participants, as well as all researchers working in the field, are encouraged to contribute with original research papers or propose reviews to this Special Issue of Viruses.

Viruses is an open access journal; it is free for everyone and does not charge a subscription fee. An article processing charge (APC) of CHF 2400 currently applies to each accepted paper. All participants to the workshop, submitting to this Special Issue will benefit from a 15% discount on the publication fee. Manuscript Submission Information can be found on the journal webpage:

Should you have any question(s), please do not hesitate to contact us ( to assist you as a participant of the workshop. In addition, Assistant Editor Gloria Gao ( will best be able to assist you regarding contributions to the Special Issue.

Best presentation and best poster awards

The Journal Viruses will also offer two awards, 500 € each, for the best presentation and the best poster presented by young researchers (PhD students and undergraduates).